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4 Best Raclette Grills Reviews

Cheese lovers will have a hard time not looking for the best raclette grills. And who could blame us when melted cheese is a heaven that I visit often?

I have been in love with melted cheese for more than two decades. I also love that there are now plenty of Korean BBQs that offer melted cheese. Of course, I know that cheese isn’t traditionally served with Korean BBQ but I love this new trend. I’m all for it.

Wrapping some freshly grilled, delicious meat in melted cheese beets any raclette you’ve ever eaten. I can guarantee it. Well, they’re both delicious. I don’t want to offend anyone.

Eating Korean corn cheese is addictive. I’m warning you: don’t approach it if you aren’t ready for a new food obsession. I’m always ready for one of those.

The idea is that, even if we’re looking for the best raclette grills, we can do a lot more with melted cheese than that dish. Once you have your grill, you should experiment as much as you can.

Raclette is the name of one delicious Swiss recipe. And it’s also the name of the Swiss melting cheese that is used to make the dish.

If we can’t find Swiss melting cheese for raclette, then we can use other melting Swiss cheese, like Gruyere or even Appenzaller and Emmental.

Small potatoes are boiled in their jackets. And we need to keep the potatoes warm throughout the raclette eating.

Cornichons and pickled onions are the third and fourth ingredient for our feast.

If you’re a meat lover, cured meats can also be added to the plate.

Best Raclette Grills Reviews

My top recommendation is the Swissmar Geneva Raclette. I love this brand but their grills are not the cheapest. Their prices come close to $150. So stick around if that is too much for your budget.

My second favorite recommendation is actually the Together-life Candlelight Raclette Pan. It melts the cheese with the help of 3 tealights. This is the perfect option if your budget is well under $20.

The Rock by Starfrit Raclette is the perfect alternative to Swissmar. The price is in the $100 range. This grill could be considered to be quite affordable.

We also have the Boska Mini Raclette, which is perfect for 2 people. And the price around $50 is pretty great.

Of course, don’t confuse raclette with fondue. Fondue is made in a round pan or pot, like a Dutch oven and the bread is dipped into the melted cheese. Two totally different Swiss dishes but equally delicious and enjoyable.

Check out my reviews for the best Korean rice cookers if you want to get more into Korean BBQ with your new raclette grill.

1. Swissmar Geneva Raclette: One of the Best Raclette Grills

I guess we could say that when it comes to shopping for the best raclette grills, Swissmar might be as famous as Zojirushi is for rice cookers or Vitamix for blenderS or KitchenAid for mixers, etc.

Although, the number of people buying these types of grills is lower than the number of people looking to buy blenders, stand mixers or rice cookers.

The idea is that I like Swissmar. They make Swiss inspired grill tops for a fun dining experience.

They also make quite a few interesting and helpful raclette accessories.

However, if the price is a bit high for you, check out The Rock by Starfrit Raclette that I review below. It can serve 8 people for a price of about $100 so it’s quite cheap.


We actually can choose between two sizes:

  • one with 4 raclette trays that is made for 4 persons, although buyers mention that it’s ideal for 2 people
  • and one with 8 raclette trays that is made for 8 people

The materials used are the same for both models. Of course, the 4-person one is smaller and the 8-person grill is considerably bigger but, other than that, the features are the same.

Obviously, the grill for 4 people is significantly cheaper.

But I like that we get the two sizes to choose from.


The Swissmar Geneva Raclette includes:

  • reversible cast-aluminum non-stick grill/griddle top
  • heat resistant spatulas – 4 or 8 depending on which grill size you pick
  • non-stick raclette dishes with thumb guard – 4 or 8 trays for melting cheese depending on the size you buy
  • variable heat control
  • power indicator light
  • instruction manual
  • 1400 watts


The grill top has two sides, which is pretty much the norm.

One smooth side which is usually called griddle. We can use it to make pancakes, eggs, bacon, etc.

And the side with striations that is usually called grill. We use this one to grill meats, seafood and fish, vegetables, burgers, etc.

All in all, the Swissmar Geneva Raclette is easy to use, it heats up very well, it melts the cheese wonderfully and it’s top-notch quality.

Where to Buy?

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2. Together-life Candlelight Raclette Pan: Cheapest Raclette Grill

We saw what one of the best raclette grills can offer.

Now, I want to recommend something completely different. A more rudimentary cooking tool that doesn’t need any electrical power. Just the magic of candlelight.

Well, it’s almost 10 times cheaper than some grills so, in my books, it’s worth a shot. Especially if you don’t actually need an entire big grill.

Can it be romantic? Absolutely. Buy two of these and you’ll be able to create a romantic atmosphere. Especially if you buy the right cheese, some nice pickles, a fresh baguette or maybe you’ll make some bread yourself, and some cured meats for meat lovers. Add some dry white wine and you’ll have an unforgettable experience.

Buy a few of these pans, more than a few tealights and you’re good to go even if you have a bigger family or you invite a bunch of friends over.


For a price well under $20, we get a very nicely designed non-stick raclette pan with a handle.

It is made of premium carbon steel, which is amazing.

It is high temperature resisting, non-toxic, solid, and durable.

The non-stick coating is perfect and exactly what we need for the cheese to be scraped easily from the pan onto our waiting plates.

It also includes a spatula, which is fantastic for this price. Awesome value.

The Together-life Candlelight Raclette Pan is powered by 3 normal tealights. We can buy a whole bag of them for $10-$15 and ensure that you’ll get many raclette nights in your future.

Plus, this is the type of cooking pan you can take camping. Add a camping kettle for making tea with your melted cheese and bread and you won’t need anything else.

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3. The Rock by Starfrit Raclette: Best Value for Money

I absolutely love the Starfrit The Rock Raclette – Party Grill Set.

Obviously, I love the fact that even though it’s a large set that comes with 8 individual trays for melting cheese, it’s also one of the most affordable sets at the moment.

That wouldn’t be enough to qualify it as one of the best raclette grills. The fact that it has so few negative buyer reviews certainly does that.

I believe that we get more than what we pay for and that’s what truly matters.


The Starfrit The Rock Raclette – Party Grill Set consists of:

  • 2 in 1 reversible non-stick plate: grill and griddle
  • Roc.Tec non-stick technology
  • large cooking surface: 16 x 9.5 inches
  • 8 individual non-stick raclette trays for melting the cheese
  • and 8 scrappers
  • adjustable temperature control
  • cool-touch , bakelite handles
  • 1500 watts


The 2 in 1 reversible non-stick plate that works both as a grill and a griddle is extra-thick. It has a cast-aluminum body and the manufacturer mentions that it’s 25% thicker than most leading brands. That might be true.

The plate is dishwasher safe but I would prefer washing it by hand to ensure that the non-stick coating lasts a long time.

Whether you want to organize a raclette party or a Korean BBQ night, the Starfrit The Rock Raclette – Party Grill Set will be the perfect tool for a successful evening full of delicious food, melted cheese in abundance, and just the best company.

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4. Boska Mini Raclette

This mini raclette is perfect for two people. If you want to organize a romantic dinner from time to time without taking out the big grill with 8 trays, then this Boska Mini Raclette is the perfect alternative.

Or maybe a nice get together between friends. Not every occasion has to be romantic, raclette unites everyone.

With a price around $50, it’s not exactly cheap, it can still be considered affordable.

Still, we must also keep in mind that the Boska Mini Raclette is half the price of the Starfrit The Rock Raclette – Party Grill Set that I reviewed above and that one is a big grill with 8 trays for melting delicious cheese.


It measures 11.54 x 3.94 inches. It’s half the size of a big grill so it can fit in a smaller cupboard or a smaller kitchen.

It comes with two non-stick raclette trays.

The non-stick plate only has one side: the grill side. This time, we don’t get any griddle part but I don’t see it as a con because the grill side is all we need to grill meat, fish, seafood, and vegetables for two people.

Besides making a classic raclette with the help of the Boska Mini Raclette we can also enjoy the dining experience of Korean BBQ. Add the slices of cheese to the raclette trays because melted cheese with Korean BBQ is one of the best things ever.

The instruction manual doesn’t contain much info and we get no recipes but we can find any recipe we want online or in cookbooks so that’s not a big loss.

What is a raclette grill?

The main thing that distinguishes these grills from any other indoor grills that we’re used to resides in the name.

Raclette grills come with non-stick raclette trays for perfectly melting the cheese for each person without any worries.

And these tiny trays are what makes them different from other indoor grills and what makes them perfect for this Swiss dish.

The tiny raclette trays are non-stick because we need to easily remove the melted cheese from them and add it to the rest of our ingredients. Plus, no one stops at eating a single round of melted cheese.

These tiny trays for melting cheese also work wonderfully for Korean BBQ, too.

Of course, the grill surface on top is perfect for grilling whatever other ingredients we want. It can be used just like any other grill or griddle.

Most will come with a reversible cooking surface, one side is a grill and the other is a griddle. The griddle is usually used for making pancakes, eggs, bacon, etc.

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What should I look for in a raclette grill?

A raclette grill is pretty much an indoor grill with tiny raclette trays that are specifically designed for melting the cheese. So, looking for the best raclette grills won’t take up too much of your time.

One thing you should maybe expect is short cords. You might definitely need an extension cord, especially if your table isn’t placed anywhere near an outlet.

Another thing you might need to keep in mind is that some of these grills might take a while until they preheat so experiment a bit with it before you actually get down to do some serious cheese melting or grilling.

Number of raclette trays

The first thing you must look for is that it comes with those non-stick raclette trays.

These are crucial if we want to easily and effortlessly melt our delicious Swiss cheese for one delicious meal with our family and friends.

Next, we must check out how many small non-stick raclette trays the grill comes with.

Some will include 4 trays while others will include 8. Others will only feature 2 trays.

Obviously, if you have a large family or you prefer throwing large parties, you’ll need a grill with 8 trays so that everyone can be satisfied while the potatoes are still warm.


Most will have a rectangular shape like the classic indoor grills or griddles we’re used to. The difference is made by those tiny trays.

The rectangular shape is predominant.

But there are also a few smaller models that will be round, like a Korean grill.

The round shape is more intimate so I would say that it can be perfect if you’re looking for the best raclette grills to organize romantic dinners.

The round ones are also nice for smaller families.

On the other hand, those who need to feed more family members or plenty of friends, will prefer the rectangular ones with 8 tiny trays.


For a grill, you should be prepared to spend between $100 and $150. They’re not cheap. But if you buy one you won’t need any other indoor grill or griddle. They’re versatile and you’ll get your money’s worth if you use these grills often.

A mini raclette grill for 2 people will cost around $50.

On the other hand, for a budget under $20, you can buy a cheese raclette pan that is heated by candlelight.

I prefer electric grills because they’re versatile and we can cook meat and melt cheese and make a classic raclette or burgers or grilled chicken or whatever else we want.

But if you’re trying to keep things under a low budget, getting one of those simple raclette pans that melt the cheese with candles can be a very good option.

How do you use a raclette grill?

The process is pretty simple. Boil small new potatoes in their jackets, if you can find new potatoes. Boil the potatoes at the last minute because they need to be warm throughout the eating. Alternatively, you can use a potato steamer if boiling is not your style. That’s certainly an idea.

Now, all that’s left to do, after preheating the grill is to add the cheese to each individual raclette tray. Even if you’re a party of 4 and you have 8 trays, place cheese in all of them because you’re not going to be satisfied with just one round.

Place one slice of cheese in each tray. Insert the tray under the grill plate, they have cooking spaces designated just for them.

The raclette trays, each with one slice of cheese in them, are inserted under the grill, under the heating element.

The cheese melts from the top. This method also prevents it from getting burned, which is awesome.

Cook the cheese until it’s melted and bubbly.

Scrape the cheese onto the plate. However, don’t use metal utensils to scrape the cheese because these are non-stick trays. Preserve the non-stick coating by using silicone utensils. Or wooden ones although silicone is easier to use.

Make cheese toast on the raclette grill

Besides making the traditional Swiss raclette with melted raclette cheese, boiled potatoes, cornichons and pickled onions, cured meats (parma ham, prosciutto, and other dried meats), and baguettes, you can also make cheese toast, which is delicious.

In order to make cheese toast with a raclette grill you need to toast slices of French/Italian bread on the grill on top.

Lightly toast the bread and then place it in the raclette trays. Add a slice of cheese on top and slice the trays under the grill.

Cook for 5-6 minutes.

Other recipes you can make are: grilled potatoes with a layer of cheese on top, quesadillas, meat, fish and seafood, shish kabobs, Savoy-style pears, orange cake, crepes, and so many other wonderful dishes.

What should you not drink with raclette?

This is the type of question that I don’t often consider whenever I sit down to eat a meal.

However, when we’re making and eating raclette, our considerations don’t revolve around only finding an awesome cheese, boiling delicious small potatoes and keeping them warm, finding just the right cornichons and pickled onions and maybe even some cured meats.

We must also think about what we should drink or what we shouldn’t drink with this Swiss dish.

According to this article, we shouldn’t drink any water while eating raclette and two hours afterward.

The type of drinks that we should have are: wine, beer or hot tea.

The argument is that anything besides wine, beer and hot tea will cause the cheese to congeal in our belly. Of course, that wouldn’t happen. Science doesn’t work like that.

I’m sure everyone will be happy to drink wine, beer or as much hot tea as they can and everyone will forget about any water drinking.

Raclette Grill Substitutes

The main point is to get the cheese to melt and to keep the boiled potatoes warm.

If you don’t want to look for the best raclette grills, which are great because they can be placed on the table so everyone can handle their own raclette tray or melt the cheese on the non-stick griddle, then there are a few substitutes you might consider.

First, the most approachable of all is melting the cheese in a non-stick pan. Once the cheese is melted on the stovetop, you bring it to the table and quickly eat it. It can work well for 1-3 people but not for a big party.

Another option is to melt the cheese in a non-stick tray/pan in the oven or in a toaster oven. If you have a small toaster oven, you can even place the oven on the table.

Of course, we can also make raclette for 2-3 people if we’re using an air fryer grill combo. There are some alternatives we can consider but none are as efficient as using an indoor electric grill.

When I wrote my reviews for the best pans for pancakes, I mentioned using an electric griddle if we want to make more pancakes at the same time. A griddle like that can also be used for raclette, for melting cheese, because it has a non-stick surface. But it’s certainly not as satisfying to use as using some of the best raclette grills, which are especially amazing for larger parties.