It can happen to all of us: you’re excited about a recipe and you really want to try it but you discover that your local supermarkets doesn’t have a particular ingredient that the recipe requires. 

Or maybe your diet doesn’t allow you to use that ingredient but you still want to make the recipe because it sounds delicious.

Another situation might be that you don’t like how something tastes or its texture or maybe it’s outside of your price range at the moment.

One clear example for this kind of situation is sun-dried tomatoes. Which led me to search all the possible substitutes for them and how they would work in a variety of recipes.

Thus, that’s what my website is all about. Substitution…

This is a website that has only one focus: writing about how you can cook with substitutes. It’s exciting and it takes my research in all kinds of directions.

As I do research on cooking with substitutes, I discover so many interesting facts about a wide array of ingredients from all kinds of vegetables to fruits to grains.

It also brings me in contact with many recipes from around the world, which is awesome since I love cooking different cuisines for me and my family. Maybe cooking with substitutes will also inspire you to explore different ingredients combinations and different cuisines.

At first glance you might think that some ingredients simply don’t have substitutes but you would be surprised how many substitutes we can find for everything.

My goal is to always find the complete list of substitutes and to never leave anything out so that everyone can find the perfect alternative for whatever savoury dish, dessert, baked good or drink they’re trying to make.

However, there might also be articles in which I firstly advise you to try finding the original ingredient that the recipe requires.

I hope you’ll be able to enjoy my articles and that you’ll be able to find the answers and instructions you were looking for when you landed on my website.