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5 Best Bacon Grease Containers Reviews

Bacon grease really makes more than a few dishes taste truly amazing so if you’re in the habit of cooking with it often, it’s time to look for the best bacon grease containers. An amazing ingredient deserves a proper storing place.

The main thing that distinguishes specifically designed bacon grease containers from other types of kitchen storage containers is that they come with a strainer on top so this type is created for people who make their own grease at home.

Of course, if you’re buying your bacon grease, then it already comes in a container so you don’t have to even look for a container anymore.

The alternative to buying a container specifically designed for storing bacon grease that you make at home is to basically use whatever container you have in the house. Or to store it in a jar.

Just use a small fine mesh strainer when you pour the grease from the cooked bacon in whatever container/mason jar you have lying around in a cupboard.

Well, if you are a dedicated cook, looking for the best bacon grease containers would be much better than using a random container.

Best Bacon Grease Containers Reviews

Using a bacon grease container to store this wonderful, delicious, so amazing alternative to oil is so much better than wasting paper towels to wipe the grease out of the pan and tossing in the trash. I certainly don’t recommend wasting the grease from cooked bacon.

Considering that I cook pancakes, bacon, and eggs most mornings, I would be wasting quite a lot of that deliciousness.

Plus, these containers can also be taken camping if you want to do some delicious cooking in the wild or away from home.

The fine mesh strainer is a crucial component. We must always strain that liquid goodness before it solidifies. If we strain it, then it’s completely clear. And free of any tiny bits of cooked bacon.

If those tiny bits of cooked bacon are solidified together with the grease then these tiny, tiny bits can get burned and spoil our dish when we add the solidified grease to our pan or baking sheet to cook with it.

My top recommendation is the Ayerphalo Bacon Grease Container with Strainer. It has one of the biggest sizes, an amazing design, it’s very well made, and it has the potential to last a lifetime. I love it.

But I also love the Vitever Bacon Grease Container with Fine Strainer and Lid due to its beautiful red design. The price is good, the quality is top-notch, and the size is very nice, albeit a bit smaller than the bin from Ayerphalo.

Overall, it’s hard to choose a favorite between these two top picks.

The Ontube Ceramic Bacon Grease Container with its 17 oz capacity is great for people who only want a small storage bin. It’s also very pretty.

1. Ayerphalo Bacon Grease Container with Strainer: Overall the Best Bacon Grease Container

There are a lot of things that I like about the Ayerphalo Bacon Grease Container with Strainer.

I love the simple design, the overall white color and with the word Bacon written big in black. It’s definitely not a work of art but I like the simplicity of this design.

It will look amazing in any fridge.

I also love the overall quality and the size is quite big for pretty much all households.

However, what I should mention is that the price is not the cheapest. However, the bigger size justifies the price quite a bit. Plus, it’s not much more expensive than most options for the best bacon grease containers.


The rustic farmhouse design is the first thing you’ll notice about the Ayerphalo Bacon Grease Container with Strainer. I love the overall white look with Bacon written beautifully in black.

Another thing that makes it one of the best containers for bacon grease is the fact that it’s made from heavy gauge steel so it will last a lifetime.

The steel is coated with an enamel coating. Enamel coating is also used for making Dutch ovens and other cookware.

The enamel coating makes it easy to clean and resists staining, leaking, and chipping.

Another wonderful feature is that strainer that is made of stainless steel. It looks fantastic. And this is the component that allows us to store a very clean grease for future cooking of many delicious dishes.

The lid is also a nice touch.

Plus, it includes a small spatula that is made of food-grade silicone. The silicone spatula is a nice touch because it can also be used in nonstick cookware. We can use the spatula to scrape the solidified grease and to spread and stir the ingredients.

I must also mention that I like the bigger 46 oz capacity. It’s the perfect size for people who want to store up plenty of grease.

It also comes in a beautiful box in case you want to buy it as a housewarming gift or a gift for any occasion.

The manufacturer invites us to unlock the potential of liquid gold in dishes like: roasted greens, grilled corn, bacon popcorn, baked toast, caramelized onion, baked potatoes, gravy base, and even bacon cocktails.

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2. Vitever Bacon Grease Container with Fine Strainer and Lid

Another highly popular and very highly rated option is the Vitever Bacon Grease Container with Fine Strainer and Lid.

The price is pretty affordable, although it’s not cheap.

On the other hand, the size is slightly smaller than the Ayerphalo Bacon Grease Container with Strainer that I reviewed as one of my top recommendations for the best bacon grease containers.


While the above container is white this one from Vitever is definitely more colorful. It looks amazing. I love the bright red design, it’s fantastic.

Besides the red color of the container, we also get the words Bacon Grease written and a pig drawn on top of that. It looks really nice.

It can also make for a great gift. If you want an affordable gift that looks beautiful and has a practical purpose, the Vitever Bacon Grease Container with Fine Strainer and Lid will work. It’s wonderful for passionate cooks that don’t shy away from using multiple ingredients.

The 38 oz size is not the biggest.

It can be a nice option for people who don’t need a very big container, either.

Plus, a 38 oz capacity is not very small either.

The container is made of enamel and steel. The lid is just as great.

The strainer is a wonderful component. It is high-temperature and corrosion resistant. It filters out the smallest particles of bacon fat, storing pure grease for successful cooking with no burnt tiny parts.

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3. Zulay Kitchen Stainless Steel Bacon Grease Container

This stainless steel container from Zulay Kitchen is not among my favorites. It’s quite a disappointment for me because I should totally love it.

And I like it a lot but there’s still something that keeps me back from considering it a top pick.

At least the price is one of the cheapest so there’s that.

If you’re looking for one of the cheapest containers for bacon grease, the Zulay Kitchen Stainless Steel Bacon Grease Container is a model you should consider.

And the ratio of positive to negative reviews is very high, which I totally appreciate.

However, there are a few reviews from buyers who mention that the bin rusts after some time, even if it’s made of stainless steel.

People are under the impression that stainless steel doesn’t rust no matter the circumstances.

It’s time to make it clear that stainless steel can rust.

I also have the habit of thinking that stainless steel doesn’t rust because I have amazing chef’s knives made of stainless steel. And I cook in stainless steel cookware that’s almost as old as I am. And all these kitchen tools are perfect. However, there are situations when stainless steel can rust.

According to this article, some types of stainless steel are more prone to corrosion than others, depending on the chromium content. The higher the chromium content, the less likely it will rust.


As I’ve mentioned, the price for this Zulay Kitchen bin is one of the cheapest.

The silver color is the cheapest. But the rose gold and black colors are more expensive. Well, the silver looks better anyway.

Its capacity is not very big but not incredibly small, either.

It has a 1L capacity, which is converted to almost 34 oz.

The Zulay Kitchen Stainless Steel Bacon Grease Container is made of food-grade stainless steel.

The manufacturer mentions that it is rust-resistant and durable enough to be used for years to come.

Of course, it comes with a mesh strainer to filter out all the bits and pieces that we don’t want solidified.

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4. Ontube Ceramic Bacon Grease Container

This one made of ceramic is very pretty. Gorgeous really.

Plus, the fact that we get to choose from 3 gorgeous colors, white, turquoise and navy, is fantastic. They’re also so pretty that it’s incredibly hard to choose a favorite color. I guess the turquoise one might be the one I like best although I saw that a lot of buyers actually prefer it in white.

However, leaving aside just how pretty this bin with a lid is, the reality is that the size is among the smallest while the price is among the highest.

I guess it’s going to be a good choice if you’re actually looking for a small container.


The size of 17 oz is among the smallest. The Ayerphalo Bacon Grease Container with Strainer that I reviewed first has a 46 oz capacity. So, the difference between these two is considerable.

But it can be great if you actually don’t need a big bin for storing bacon grease.

What I like about the Ontube Ceramic Bacon Grease Container is that it’s made of ceramic. The lid as well.

The surface is smooth and translucent. I love ceramic cookware and even ceramic rice cookers so I like the Ontube Ceramic Bacon Grease Container quite a lot, although it’s a bit small for my needs. But it might be perfect for you.

What I appreciate is that it comes with a stainless steel strainer.

I know that there are ceramic bacon grease containers that come with a ceramic strainer and I don’t like those at all. The strainer should be made of stainless steel so that it can last a long time. And so it can strain every impurity.

We can also use the Ontube Ceramic Bacon Grease Container to store sugar, pepper, spices, etc.

But you have to have a considerable budget if you want to buy more than one.

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5. Koythin Ceramic Bacon Grease Container with Strainer

Another adorable ceramic container is this one from Koythin. I love it and it’s really pretty.

It’s also very expensive so this won’t be the preferred option for most buyers.

I love all the designs we get to choose from. They’re all unique and amazing.


It is made of ceramic and the same goes for the lid.

Of course, the strainer is made of stainless steel as it should.

I also like that we get a beautiful white spoon. The lid has a tiny hole for it so we can always leave the spoon in and put on the lid without problems.

The 23 oz capacity is not the biggest but not the smallest either.

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How to store bacon grease

As we’ve seen, looking for the best bacon grease containers is an important step in our process of storing this smoked goodness.

Whenever we cook some bacon, which takes place almost daily for most of us, instead of wiping out the pan or baking sheet with paper towels and then throwing those away, we should value that liquid gold and store it.

I think you don’t realize just how much grease we are simply throwing away. We should value it.

Bacon grease tastes just like you’d imagine, it is loaded with smoky, savory, bacony flavor. It doesn’t taste very strongly of bacon, it’s more about the smoky nuance it adds to a dish.

All these bins come with a very important component. Don’t skip this step.

That component is a fine mesh strainer that will stop all the tiny bits from dropping into the container. That allows us to store a clean grease, free of any bits that might get burned when we want to cook with the grease. That’s why it’s important to strain it when we pour it into the container.

The last step is to place the container into the fridge. The low temperature will solidify the grease, which will make it last longer. We can refrigerate for 3 to 6 months.

The solidified grease will turn a pristine, creamy, white color. When you see how it looks, you might want to call it bacon butter instead of grease. It’s pretty.

Well, we can also freeze it, which allows us to store it indefinitely.

Baked fries in bacon grease: one of my favorite recipes

We can do this recipe even if we don’t have some grease stored in a container. It works if we cook some bacon and use the fat that drips from the slices.

If you’re cooking 1 pound of bacon, you’ll be able to cook a bit under a pound of potatoes.

Fries baked in the oven in bacon grease remain one of my favorite recipes.

We can cook some bacon on a metal cooking rack with a baking sheet underneath or in an air fryer tray for oven so that the grease pools in the baking tray.

When the bacon is done, remove the cooking rack with the bacon and add your cut potatoes into 1⁄4 inch thick matchsticks, sprinkle with salt and black pepper and then toss them in the grease so they’re well coated.

Place the matchstick potatoes in a single layer so that they’re baked nicely. Bake them until they’re golden brown.

Optionally, you can sprinkle the hot fries with parmesan cheese. You can serve them with the previously baked bacon or use that bacon for another meal. Like my some burgers on a grill for those fries.

All in all, looking for the best bacon grease containers is important if we want constant access to this wonderful ingredient but there are ways to cook with it even if you don’t have any stored at the moment.