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best 14 inch frying pan

Best 14 Inch Frying Pan: Top 7 Favorites

The difficult thing about looking for the best 14 inch frying pan is that this size is not that common at all.

For example, when I wrote my reviews for the best pans for pancakes, I included the Lodge Cast Iron Skillet as one of my favorites because I really love cast iron skillets and cast iron cookware in general.

Lodge is one of the most famous manufacturers for cast iron skillets. And they have a lot of sizes available, which is fantastic. What’s not so great is that they totally skipped on the 14 inch size.

There are a lot of sizes to choose from: 3, 6.5, 8, 9, 10.25, 12, 13.25, and 15 inches. They’re just jumping right over the 14-inch size.

Thus, if you’d like to choose Lodge as the manufacturer for the best 14 inch frying pan, you’d have to settle either for the 13.25 inch or the 15 inch skillet. No in-between. They have 14 inch cookware but that’s a cast iron pizza pan with handles. It’s an amazing pan.

Another famous example is the fact that Le Creuset has a really nice enameled cast iron skillet that only goes up to 11.75 inches in size.

Most manufacturers stop at 12 inches. They might have 8, 10, 12 inches frying pans but they might not have a 14 inch one, as well.

And when I wrote reviews for the best pans for risotto their size was primarily measured in quarts because they were sauté pans or casseroles.

On the other hand, frying pans are mostly measured in inches. The exception is the Winco 7 Quart Stainless Steel Sauté Pan with Cover. 7 quarts is equivalent to 14 inches.

Overall, the problem is that we will have a bit of a harder time to find the best 14 inch frying pan since this size is rather big and not that extremely popular. But I’ll come up with some amazing recommendations.

Best 14 Inch Frying Pan Reviews

Even if we cannot rely on Lodge or Le Creuset to provide us with potential options for the best 14 inch frying pan, there are still so many other brands to check out.

The 14 inch size is basically the only thing they have in common because they use different materials and they are sold for totally different prices.

Speaking of materials, we get a wide variety: aluminum, granite, ceramic, carbon steel, cast iron.

We also get to choose non-stick pans if that is what we’re looking for.

The choice for nonstick coatings will be made between granite, ceramic, and teflon. Some will prefer to choose teflon-free coatings, which leaves us with ceramic and granite pans, like the Blue Diamond Cookware Ceramic Frying Pan.

My top pick is the Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Nonstick Hard-Anodized Skillet because it’s great for those with a budget under or around $50 and it’s pretty high quality.

A second favorite is the Winco 7 Quart Stainless Steel Sauté Pan with Cover. Given its depth, it’s so much more versatile than a regular frying pan. We can use it to cook so much more dishes.

1. Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Nonstick Hard-Anodized Skillet: Overall the Best 14 Inch Frying Pan

Am I recommending this Cuisinart as my top pick for the best 14 inch frying pan because it’s also pretty much among the cheapest options?

Frankly, that’s a major reason.

I always strive to pick appliances for a wide variety of budgets. whether I’m recommending rice cookers, blenders, juicers, air fryers, etc.

While I could say that the HexClad is the best, top of the line, would that matter so much when not a lot of people can afford to spend those $200 or so that it costs?

Is this Cuisinart perfect?

No but neither are those more expensive options. And this is an option of pretty good quality, for a budget under $50. All these reasons make it a top pick for me.

However, I should mention another very important aspect.

This Cuisinart frying pan is not induction compatible.

Somehow, there are buyers who mistakenly assume that it is induction compatible. And it’s not the only Cuisinart cookware that gives the same impression somehow.

If you take a look at their saucepans, you might also get the impression that those are induction compatible, just like their Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Nonstick Hard-Anodized Skillet.

Nevertheless, that’s not true for either.

The thing is that that saucepan and this frying pan are made of the same material. Really, there’s no difference in their construction.

And both are not induction compatible. Get it if you have a gas stove or an electric stovetop.

The problem is that part of the responsibility lies with Cuisinart because they don’t explicitly specify that it’s not induction compatible. Blue Diamond is a manufacturer that makes that very clear.


It is made of aluminum but it has a hard anodized exterior that is harder than stainless steel.

It is dense, nonporous and highly wear-resistant.

Moreover, aluminum ensures that it heats up quickly and evenly.

The nonstick coating is called quantanium. It is a patented nonstick coating reinforced with titanium.

Since it’s still a nonstick coating, the same rules apply: don’t use metal utensils and I recommend washing it by hand.

It is oven safe up to 500 degrees F.

And we get two stainless steel handles, which is totally normal for skillets of this size.

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2. Winco 7 Quart Stainless Steel Sauté Pan with Cover

The alternative to a 14 inch frying pan is a 7 quart sauté pan. That’s because a 7 quart pan has a 14 inches diameter so they’re the same.

The difference is that a sauté pan has a bit more depth. This Winco is 3 ½ inches deep.

That means more versatility, we can use it to cook many more dishes due to its higher sides.

Frankly, this Winco 7 Quart Stainless Steel Sauté Pan with Cover is the perfect alternative to the best 14 inch frying pan.

I might like it more than all the others.

Price is not the cheapest but, given that it’s made of stainless steel and it comes with a stainless steel lid, I think it’s worth it. It’s a reasonable price.

And, it can last a lifetime.

But I should mention that stainless steel is not described as a nonstick material.

This Winco sauté pan doesn’t have a nonstick coating.

I still prefer using wooden and silicone utensils to avoid tiny scratches on my stainless steel cookware. I also wash them by hand but maybe that’s just my preference.


The Winco 7 Quart Stainless Steel Saute Pan with Cover looks amazing.

The whole stainless steel construction, with 2 stainless steel handles, and a stainless steel lid is perfect.

It has a tri-ply bottom so we could say that it’s a heavy-bottom pan, which is another amazing feature. It’s durable, provides great temperature circulation, and heat distribution.

Having good heat distribution is very important when we’re cooking in such large cookware.

The wide flat bottom and low vertical side provide wonderful thermal conductivity and quick evaporation.

It’s great for browning, stir frying, and whatever else we might want to cook in it. High versatility for the win.

It’s also induction ready. There’s really nothing to complain about.

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3. Blue Diamond Cookware Ceramic Frying Pan

There are plenty of good things to be said about the ceramic frying pan series from Blue Diamond.

On the other hand, I want to get the negative out of the way. There are quite a lot of negative reviews to pay attention to. Since the number is quite high, I cannot entirely say that this Blue Diamond is my top pick for the best 14 inch frying pan.

Still, I thought it deserves to be reviewed because the quality is quite good.

Also, it’s among the most affordable options in this size range. We can’t expect everyone to be able to afford pans that cost over $100.

All in all, for pans well under $100, this Blue Diamond is not all that bad.


Let’s start with what I really like.

I love the ceramic nonstick coating. It means that it’s PFAS-free. So no teflon in this case for those who are really keen on that.

On the other hand, you must care for this nonstick coating.

Use silicone or wooden utensils all the time. Seriously, don’t even use a metal spoon.

Also, wash it by hand. And never use the abrasive side on the sponge.

The manufacturer mentions that it’s metal utensil safe. I really don’t believe that for any nonstick coating. Also, even if they’re dishwasher safe, I always wash by hand.

I also like that this pan is oven and broiler safe up to 600 degrees F.

And I love the blue design.

The coating is diamond-infused, which supposedly makes it 5x harder and 10x longer lasting. In my eyes, it’s still a nonstick coating, which means that it will only last a few years until we need a new pan. That’s the reality.

Moreover, the manufacturer informs us that diamonds are 4x more conductive than copper. It supposedly heats faster and cleans up easier.

And I also love the 2 stainless steel handles.

However, pay attention to the fact that it’s not induction compatible, which is quite common with ceramic cookware. You must always make sure of this aspect.

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4. HexClad 14 Inch Hybrid Stainless Steel Frying Pan

If you need to know one thing about HexClad is that they make very expensive cookware. Despite the expensive prices, their products are quite popular.

When we’re looking for the best 14 inch frying pan, I certainly cannot overlook HexClad.

Although, I should admit that it’s not my absolute favorite because of the price.


HexClad is well known for their HexClad patented technology. This is a hexagon design created through a laser etching process to provide both stainless steel and nonstick surface.

Thus, we get a stainless steel construction, which is definitely a highlight. It’s a tri-ply construction: 2 stainless steel layers that envelop an aluminum core.

The aluminum is used for consistent, even heat distribution. If you are looking for a more even heat distribution for some of your pots, I also recommend using a heat diffuser.

And we get a nonstick coating. However, I should also mention that there are a few reviews that mention that the nonstick coating is practically nonexistent.

I still recommend using a bit of oil, grease or butter whenever you’re cooking. Don’t cook directly on a non-greased surface.

It is PFOA-free but there is no mention of also being PTFE-free, which is a bit disappointing.

We also get 2 stay-cool handles.

The HexClad 14 Inch Hybrid Stainless Steel Frying Pan is oven safe up to 500 degrees F. It’s certainly versatile.

And it is stovetop and induction compatible.

Also, I love it a lot because it also comes with a stainless steel lid. Frankly, the lid makes that price slightly more bearable.

I recommend washing it by hand, although it’s dishwasher safe.

Moreover, HexClad mentions that the nonstick coating won’t be damaged by metal utensils. As a rule, I only use wooden or silicone utensils on nonstick coatings, no matter what the manufacturer says.

If you’re paying $200 for something, you’ll want it to last a very long time. That can be expected for cast iron, stainless steel or carbon steel cookware but not the same can be said for nonstick cookware. That’s definitely a downside.

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5. Rachael Ray 87631-T Cucina Hard Anodized Nonstick Skillet with Helper Handle, 14 Inch Frying Pan

While the 14 inch frying pan from Rachel Ray can absolutely be a top pick as the best 14 frying pan, there are also a few negative reviews that we should check out.

Overall, I like a lot of things about this frying pan from Rachel Ray.

I like the affordable price around $50-$60.

And I like the design, even though it looks a bit flimsy.

And that’s where a few of those negative reviews come in. Some users complain that the pan warps easily. Or that the bottom isn’t flat, which messes up the heat distribution as the pan does not rest evenly on the cook top.

Another user mentions that it warped after two weeks of use.

Another cook calls it a thin cheap pan.

Indeed, the overall design looks a bit flimsy. It doesn’t scream sturdiness. And that’s why the Rachael Ray 14 Inch Frying Pan is not my favorite and it’s not among my top recommendations for the best 14 inch frying pan.

In my opinion, the Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Nonstick Hard-Anodized Skillet is a much better choice if you’re on a budget. And the Winco 7 Quart Stainless Steel Sauté Pan with Cover is equally amazing and not all that expensive.


It is described as being a durable frying pan with even heat distribution. We already saw that that’s not true for everyone.

The Rachael Ray 14 Inch Frying Pan features durable hard-anodized aluminum construction that heats quickly and evenly.

It is nonstick so, even though it’s dishwasher safe, I recommend washing it by hand.

It is also oven safe to 350°F.

We should also mention that it’s not induction ready since it’s made from hard-anodized aluminum. If they’re stainless steel or cast iron, those pans are induction ready.

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6. Finex 14” Cast Iron Skillet & Lid: Impressive Cast Iron Frying Pan

At first glance, some people might have a hard time figuring out that this is a skillet.

It has a unique design, a different shape than what we’re used to, a kind of octagon shaped lid, and an overall mesmerizing presence.

The bronze color is also something else, especially when we consider that it’s made of cast iron. We’re used to only coming across black cast iron cookware.

It’s also unbelievably expensive. Let’s just say that we could buy about 3 very good air fryers or we could get a KitchenAid mixer for the price of one Finex 14” Cast Iron Skillet & Lid.

That is some serious money to spend even on the best 14 inch frying pan, especially when we have other options that are 10 times cheaper.

Is it worth it? It’s certainly not in my ballpark but it might be something you’ll want.


The lid is the thing that captures our attention first.

The whole skillet has an 18 inches length. And a 14 inches width.

Plus, we get an 11 inch cooking surface, which is a lot.

While the surface is not nonstick since it’s cast iron, it’s smooth enough to come close to near nonstick characteristics. In time, with repeated use, I believe that cast iron surfaces can gain certain nonstick abilities.

It also weighs 17.85 pounds. I’m pretty sure that you’re not going to move it around often. Well, with how pretty it looks, you can leave it on the stovetop permanently and it will be totally awesome.

I mentioned that it has an octagon shape. Besides creating an interesting design, these 8 sides actually create 8 rounded corners that serve as pour spouts. Pour spots can be found on small and medium saucepans but frying pans don’t usually have them.

For the Finex, the pour spouts seal up tight or serve as evenly spaced steam vents.

Moreover, the angled sides allow cooks to get a flat spatula behind the crust on cornbread, pizza, and other baked goods.

It also makes it easier to squeeze a couple of skillets into an oven, although I don’t see who would buy 2 of these considering the price for one.

Since it’s made of cast iron, we’ll need to season the Finex. It comes pre-seasoned with organic flax seed oil.

Another interesting feature is the two handles that are shaped like springs and they’re inspired by vintage wood stove door handles. They’re made of stainless steel. They stay cooler longer, cool off quicker and feel better in the hand.

All in all, the Finex 14” Cast Iron Skillet & Lid is absolutely fantastic, it cannot be ignored.

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7. Tramontina Professional Aluminum Nonstick Fry Pan

We actually get the chance to choose from different sizes. If you somehow feel like the 14 inch size might be actually too big, I recommend choosing the 12 inch one.

The sizes available are: 8 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch, and 14 inch.

All are among the cheapest frying pans we could buy anywhere. That’s definitely a plus.

However, just like the ones from Cuisinart and Blue Diamond, this Tramontina is also not induction compatible.

It can be used on gas and electric stovetops but not on induction.

HexClad is induction compatible but it’s also among the most expensive skillets.


The Tramontina Professional Aluminum Nonstick Fry Pan is made of heavy-gauge aluminum.

It also has a non-stick coating. It’s PFOA-free but there’s no mention of it being PTFE-free, meaning teflon-free.

It is oven safe up to 400 degrees F. All the other pans that I reviewed above are oven safe up to 500 or 600 degrees F.

All in all, it’s a good pan for a cheap price but there’s really nothing that stands out about it.

It also comes with one handle instead of two.

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Is a 14-inch pan too big?

Now that we’ve seen which are some of the best 14 inch frying pans, let’s actually talk about this size and what it means.

14 inch is the diameter of the pan.

However, the diameter of a skillet is not the same as its cooking surface.

The cooking surface is going to be significantly smaller.

For example, let’s see how de Buyer describes one of their skillets: “With a cooking surface of 10.25 inches, the 14 inch fry pan…”.

Thus, the cooking surface of a 14 inch skillet is 10.25 inches.

Knowing that, is a 14-inch skillet too big or just right for some people?

It depends how many servings you want to cook at one time.

It’s perfect if we’re cooking for 8 people. So, yes, for most people a 14 inch pan is going to be too big. For others, it’s just what they need to feed a big family.

Basically, we can say that a 14 inch skillet is good for cooking 5-6 servings but it can also be big enough to feed up to 8 people.

Another thing we must keep in mind is that this big size might be too large for most residential stovetops.

To better understand why this size might be too big for most burners, let’s consider the Finex Cast Iron Griddle that has a 15 inches length. This griddle is actually a double burner griddle and it’s only 1 inch bigger than the subject of our discussion.

All in all, looking for the best 14 inch frying pan comes with some challenges but we still managed to find some awesome picks, to match a variety of budgets and preferences.